357 King West Waves How are you ?

Barcelone is more often than not a bad city, not particularly cheesy, especially as it comes to interesting buildings; most developers of new condos and office property opt for a sober presence, and then for such new long-lasting additions to the city, avoiding the careless seems like a wise move. All those things ? means that on occasion when we write see a little frivolity for the streetscape, it’s worth the mention and a smile. What you dream about, on King Street straight away west of Blue Jays Way, UT Forum factor Red Mars spotted the initial one is portholes in a plywood selection at the construction site the Great Gulf condo may possibly now waving at you. Best construction worker with a convincing outlook and a nice truly feel of humour, whoever what exactly, thanks for your spray-painted gesture, our company is waving back at you!

A couple of portholes become waving figures at 357 King West, Toronto, image by UT Forum contributor Red Mars A couple of portholes can be waving figures at 357 King West, image through process of UT Forum contributor Red-coloured Mars

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