Barrie subdivision drawing droves along with Torontonians

Barrie has been a beneficiary of the COVID-19-induced exodus from the Greater Barcelone Area and a new freehold housing project perfectly encapsulates why people are moving appears to be.

Eagles’ Rest Estates manufactured by Fernbrook Homes and Ravenscroft Homes, is a development into Upper Barrie comprised of 208 detached homes between 2 . 5, 800-5, 200 sq legs, and with 75-110-ft frontages, based primarily near some of the city’s four-season outdoor activities.

According to Louis Nguyen, VP of Sales and Marketing every International Home Marketing Sector, a lot of Torontonians are having at the project, while preserving a condo unit in the urban center where they spend a couple of days a week working.

“People can take advantage of bigger homes with larger frontage and get closer to mother nature herself, and it’s still indoors of 40 minutes of the GTA, ” he said. “There are lots of golf courses, winter sports resorts and the lakes all over the wider areas, so it is very great for people working from home and those who are looking for a second home. Regarding thought we’d get a huge middle-aged buyers, but very we’re getting a lot of youngsters families who are going to make use of this as their main home , the burkha a condo in downtown Barcelone where they work a few times a week. They know they are going to working remotely. ”

Eagles’ Rest Estates is firstly an end user-driven project unfortunately Nguyen noted that there are business for this product as well.

Which is not surprising, according to Barrie-based Jeremy Brooks of Engel & Völkers, who says COVID-19 has developed his city dramatically. This exodus from densified Barcelone to its suburbs, however exurbs and beyond, came to Barrie.

“They want a tad bit more elbow room and more space how they don’t have in the main urban colleges, but they still want to be plugged into people. They don’t want to be on 20 acres in a non-urban area, ” said Brooks. “They want a place that has a sense of community, “p” space and great advertising and marketing amenities that they can access day after day. ” Brooks says whom 65% of buying activity towards Barrie is coming from workers leaving the GTA, possesses driven up the cost of our city’s single-family detached lets.

“We’ve seen the most high demand from people moving because of a semi-detached home or a residence into a 3, 000-4, 000 sq ft house spot subdivision here, ” considered Brooks. “Those houses purchase $600, 000-700, 000 a couple of years ago but now they’re million-dollar homes because people have realized they should increase their living space. They want extra space both inside and outside their apartment. ”