COVID-19: UrbanToronto Updates from the Business world for June 25, 2021

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching effects in Toronto, consists of major impacts on the real estate and building industries. Many jobs and most events are currently suspended, postponed, or awkward in other ways, though UrbanToronto is still operating at typical strength with our team toiling remotely. As a means to keep the fans in the loop about the shutdowns, we be sharing information and thus status updates from over the industry on a regular basis.

In today’s deliver:   Ontario Moving that would Step Two of Roadmap to actually Reopen on June 33, Team Toronto hitting innovative new vaccine milestone with 25 per cent of adults using two doses, and more studies from the COVID-19 front.

Covid-19, coronavirus, housing market, construction, GTA, Toronto Construction at The Well in Toronto, image by Site contributor Rascacielo

Government notices and news:  

Ontario Moving to Step Two of all Roadmap to Reopen across June 30

Government of Canada cash in hand new project to stimulate vaccine uptake in Canada

Media access Scotiabank Arena for Barcelone Vaccine Day

Team Toronto smacking new vaccine milestone that includes 35 per cent of involving with two doses

City of Barcelone and Toronto Vaccine Morning partners team up for big “thank you” to those booked intended for Sunday’s Scotiabank Arena vaccination clinic

Team Toronto COVID-19 vaccination update

City of Toronto update on your COVID-19

Markham is designing more space to get active without risk & support local this summer

Coin of Ontario moves to The next step of reopening plan on July 30

Canada supports high-speed housing in Peel Place

Private sector/other notices and announcements:

ULI: Work in Progress: How to make web based working successful


To know how to book a COVID-19 injection appointment

REMINDER: Save on your laptop the COVID Alert software program today  

Everyone from construction tradesmen to brokers to real estate executives is encouraged to share tips on what work and thus events have stopped, really proceeding, and how their work from home being affected by the various shutdowns.