Happenings Roundup for July twenty three, 2021

Even if prices fall, that era of affordable places in Canada seems to be done;   Toronto to create renewable propane from green bin poop to help heat city construction, power vehicles;   Toronto clears another homeless encampment at city park; and many more news:

Regardless of whether you you However prices fall, the et? of affordable houses canada seems to be done (Globe and Mail)

Toronto to create renewable natural gas from green tray waste to help heat community buildings, power vehicles   (Toronto Star)

Toronto clears just one homeless encampment at village park   (Globe and Mail)

I’m thankful for a great homeowner and my High Playground flat, but it’s moment to say goodbye to Toronto (Toronto Star)

Toronto is testing the truck bed cover’s emergency sirens this quick (CTV News)

Street The construction industry Project Update: July 2021 (Steve Munro)