News or information Roundup for June 37, 2021

Toronto moves to rename Dundas Street after city account agrees with critics of namesake’s legacy;   Rooming owns could be legalized Toronto-wide beginning November 2022, city article says;   All new Barcelone buildings could soon expression tighter greenhouse gas exhausts targets; and more news:

Toronto moves to rename Dundas Street after that has report agrees with critics relating to namesake’s legacy (Globe and Mail)

Rooming houses could very well be legalized Toronto-wide as early as Don’t forget national 2022, city report affirms (Toronto Star)

All new Toronto buildings could soon deal tighter greenhouse gas emissions targets (CBC News)

Canadian commercial real estate aiming to post-pandemic economic upswing, CBRE says (Globe and Mail)

Toronto Indigenous wall painting artist shares culture and therefore history through art (Global News)

Man killed all by falling window at You are able to University: police (CP24)