Fashion back Thursday: Six Points Reconfiguration

Being Toronto’s inner suburbs develop, so too does infrastructure. And they have been developed extensively with car-loving low-rise buildings in the middle of this particular 20th century,   varied roads were king, and therefore where three of them greeted in the centre of Etobicoke, often the pedestrian-unfriendly flyovers of the 6-8 Point Interchange was the handle, named for its spaghetti-like cortège of Dundas Street Western, Kipling Avenue, and Bloor Street West. With the turn of the millennium, it was moment for a change, and when the snapshot below was taken in 2018, a City of Toronto challenge was reshaping the area money for hard times.

Throwback Thursday, Six Points, Etobicoke, Toronto, CreateTO Looking lapland over Six Points interchange, 2018, image by Online community contributor bangkok

The actual 2021 drone shot caught from a similar vantage aim facing north shows the actual way the project has reconfigured the field with a new street network may possibly designed to allow a new the downtown area area for Etobicoke getting built, including a new Civic Centre. With them, the new along with will provided a more friendly environment for  pedestrians yet cyclists. Along with the new To Centre, much of the rest of the fresh unlocked  13. 8 peck of City-owned land almost certainly redeveloped by the City’s real estate division,   CreateTO   as a part of HousingNow initiative, with 8, 300 housing units to become built in a mix of affordable combined with market suites.

Throwback Thursday, Six Points, Etobicoke, Toronto, CreateTO Looking north over Four Points interchange, 2021, bodily figure by Forum contributor bangkok

We will return saturday with another look at the upgrading face of Toronto. At the same time, you can submit your own Trend back Thursday comparisons in our dedicated  Forum thread   for your chance to become featured in next week’s edition.

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